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Franch Oil NH*

Traditional Medicine With Cold Pressed Extraction of Ricinus Cummunis Linn Seed & Root Franch Oil NH* is the effective treatment such as cracked heels, cuts & wounds, minor burns, muscle pains, joint pains and many other ailments. That’s why if you are in-charge of your family’s health, you have one at home.

Traditional Medicine

Franch OIL is a traditionally formulated herbal medicine which promote effective healing for a variety of ailments such as cracked heels, cuts and wounds, mild burns, muscle pains and joint pains. The herbal ingredients in Franch Oil NH* is traditionally formulated but are manufactured using advanced modern technologies which delivers an effective, easy-to-use medicine for our everyday healthcare.


Ricinus Cummunis Linn Seeds and Root Extraction of Ocimum Sanctum