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Franch Oil NH Traditional Medicine
Discover our new product, Franch Oil NH, a powerful blend of traditional medicine for holistic healing. Experience its natural benefits today.
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100% "Pure" Natural and Herbal Plant Extract
All our products use 100% Pure Natural and Herbal extracts in our formulations. These extracts are traditionally documented for the function & efficacy.
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Franch Hand and Body Cream
Daily use of Franch Body Moisturizers helps lock moisture into skin effectively, for an all day long protection and for soft, supple and radiant looking skin.
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Franch Oil NH*

Traditional Medicine With Cold Pressed Extraction of Ricinus Cummunis Linn Seed & Root Franch Oil NH* is the effective treatment such as cracked heels, cuts & wounds, minor burns, muscle pains, joint pains and many other ailments. That’s why if you are in-charge of your family’s health, you have one at home.

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Stretch Marks Cream

Franch Stretch Marks Cream helps strengthen the skin’s support tissues and keep stressed skin soft

Franch Olive

Effectively repairs and renews damaged skin cells caused by overexposure to the sun

Franch Hand Wash

Our advanced formula ensures maximum effectiveness in killing germs 

Franch Bath

Formulated using Franch Oil NH* and other natural extracts are known for their benefits for skincare

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Traditional Medicine

Franch OIL is a traditionally formulated herbal medicine which promote effective healing for a variety of ailments such as cracked heels, cuts and wounds, mild burns, muscle pains and joint pains. The herbal ingredients in Franch Oil NH* is traditionally formulated but are manufactured using advanced modern technologies which delivers an effective, easy-to-use medicine for our everyday healthcare.

Franch Herbal Hair Oil

 Oils play an important role in protecting hair from heat and sun. All Franch Herbal Hair Oil formulation is a new and revolutionary ‘pre-wash’ scalp and hair treatment. This unique hair oil is specially formulated to absorb into the scalp within 20 minutes after application. After 20 minutes you may wash off with Franch Herbal Shampoo, leaving your hair non-sticky and oil free. For best results wear a shower cap during the 20 minutes.

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Dive into the Franch Product Catalog Franch Natural & Herbal. Discover a wide range of natural and herbal products. Find high-quality offerings that promote wellness and enhance your lifestyle.

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