Franch OIL NH* is a blend of natural herbs that contain growth promoting effects on granulation and epithialisation which effectively strengthens the skin’s support tissues, preventing new stretch marks while reducing recent stretch marks.


COCOA BUTTER acts as a skin-conditioning agent that coats the skin with a fine film that provides superior soothing properties and helps skin retain its natural moisture.


VITAMIN E, a natural antioxidant that works with the body’s own cells to soothe, protect and regenerate dry, irritated and damaged skin.


MARINE COLLAGEN is to moisturize skin and stimulate skin cells to improve the extra-cellular matrix making skin firm and strong.


ELASTIN improves skin elasticity and firmness making skin feel soft and supple. It acts at the level of supporting dermal tissues and prevents the appearance of small lines and wrinkles. Stimulate the cells growth and thus the renewal of the skin.


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Now, with Franch Stretch Marks Cream, you can

prevent and treat stretch marks while moisturizing -

the natural way!




Mature stretch marks are devoid of color and newer stretch marks are often red or purplish in color. Stretch marks develop when the skin is excessively stretched, damaging the collagen fibers and proteins in the underlying skin layer called the dermis.


Franch Stretch Marks Cream helps strengthen the skin’s support tissues and keep stressed skin soft, smooth and hydrated; while reducing unsightly marks caused by slackening of the skin. It is also an intensive moisturizing cream which relieves dryness, improves overall skin tone, suppleness and appearance while preventing and minimizing new and recent stretch marks, caused by pregnancy or repeated weight fluctuations. To avoid pregnancy stretch marks, Franch Stretch Marks Cream should be used from the third month of pregnancy or from when the abdomen is visibly bigger. Usage from early stages of pregnancy improves skin elasticity during expansion thus reducing the occurrence of severe stretch marks. For best results use for a few months after delivery until all stretch marks disappear.



Stretch marks are caused by pregnancy, repeated weight fluctuations

or for a variety of other reasons. Traditionally, pregnant woman have used

cocoa butter on their bellies to improve skin’s elasticity. Now, this preventive

treatment is taken to a new level with the unique blend of natural and herbal extracts and Franch OIL NH* which is ideal for reducing stretch marks.













Franch OIL NH* is a multipurpose Ayurvedic traditional medicine. Being a multipurpose oil, it is - Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-microbial. It also has Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Wound healing properties.



One should keep hydrated and drink lots of water during pregnancy or when bodybuilding. This keeps the skin resilient and lessens the chances of tearing elastin layers. Walk and exercise can help keep the blood circulation up and protects the skin, making it more elastic. Include food items in your diet that contain high amounts of zinc or use supplements containing zinc, which aids in stretch mark prevention by tightening and softening the skin.


Who Gets Stretch Marks?

Researchers have discovered that certain individuals inherit the propensity to develop stretch marks. Expectant mothers get stretch marks all over their abdomens, legs, thighs and buttocks. Individuals who are putting on pounds due to medical conditions of because of a high fat diet and sedentary lifestyle often see stretch marks in or around the same areas as pregnant women. Most notably, both men and women can develop these marks when it comes to rapid weight gain. Even people with healthy lifestyles such as bodybuilders can get stretch marks if they bulk up too quickly. Also, teens are not immune to the creation of stretch marks as some of them will experience stretch marks around the hip and buttock areas during growth spurts.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1) What is the difference between Franch Stretch Marks Cream compared to other products in the market ?

Franch Stretch Marks Cream is the first and only stretch marks cream formulated with Franch OIL NH*, which is known for its natural healing and skin renewal properties.


2) Is Franch Stretch Marks Cream only for pregnancy stretch marks?

No. Franch Stretch Marks Cream is not only for pregnancy stretch marks but also for those who get stretch marks due to rapid weight fluctuations.


3) How long do I have to use Franch Stretch Marks Cream before I see results?

The effect of natural healing usually takes longer than modern medicines and also varies from one individual to another. Generally, you should be able to notice changes to the condition within 14 to 21 days for new or recent stretch marks. It may take longer for older stretch marks.


4) Can I use Franch Stretch Marks Cream years after delivery?

Yes, you can still use Franch Stretch Marks Cream years after delivery provided the skin tissues are active. You may need to use it for a longer period of time before you see visible results.





“I’ve have been using the Franch Stretch Marks Cream for about 2 months and can see my old stretch marks starting to fade and soften. It doesn't irritate the skin and really spreads on evenly. The stretch marks on my stomach have dramatically decreased in appearance. Everyday, I look at the treated area of my skin and I could hardly believe that my 5-year old scars are being repaired so quickly!!!

BETSY, 30yrs, Incident Manager at Dell, Selangor, MALAYSIA.


“I’ve used Franch Stretch Marks Cream for a little over a month now and I’ve noticed a major difference in my stretch marks. I have alot of them, the worst kind. They are wide and long. Just awful. I am 28 years old and have 2 stretch marks but to keep my skin hydrated, supple and smooth. This cream has helped me feel more self-confident and I am very grateful for that. I highly recommend it.”

YUNITA, 28yrs, Nurse, Puchong, MALAYSIA.


“About two years ago I went through a rapid weight gain due to stress. I got red thick stretch marks on my upper stomach a few on each side of my lower stomach and my back. I was feeling extremely upset because I was told that stretch marks can not be cured. One day at a health exhibition I was introduced to Franch Stretch Marks Cream, which is made with natural and herbal ingredients so I decided to try it. I didn't get results over night but over the next month I noticed that my stretch marks were fading dramatically. Not only has my skin become a lot smoother the red stretch marks are fading and decreasing in length and width!

EVA, 33yrs, Admin Clerk, KL, MALAYSIA.

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