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Franch Pink Mimosa (Moisturizer Enriched) Hand Wash is uniquely formulated using Franch Oil NH* and Aloe Vera. It helps repair, restore and protect dry and damaged skin. It is mild and gentle on the skin. This cream hand wash gently cleanses your delicate hands and with a refreshing aroma. The moisturizing properties of Franch Oil NH* and Aloe Vera, leaves your skin soft and supple.









INGREDIENTS... can now enjoy beautiful, soft and clean hands. Indulge in the floral essence of Franch Moisturizer Enriched Hand Wash that gently cleanses your delicate hands leaving it soft and supple.

Washing your hands typically involves bringing water and soap in contact with your skin. The soap washes away all the dirt and oil that have built up. While removing the dirt, germs and grime can be beneficial, removing your skin’s natural oils causes your skin to dry, crack and peel.

Franch Hand Wash formulated with natural and herbal extracts and Franch OIL NH* effectively kills germs and bacteria and rejuvenates dry, cracked or damaged skin. The natural and herbal ingredients and Franch OIL NH* helps balance the skin moisture and natural oils to protect the skin all day long.

It is conventional wisdom that washing your hands regularly is a good practice to maintain personal hygiene. Washing your hands too frequently will result in dry, irritated and cracked skin. Franch Hand Wash is specially formulated to restore the “moisture-loss” leaving your hands clean, soft and moisturized after every wash.



Franch OIL NH* is a multipurpose Ayurvedic traditional medicine. Being a multipurpose oil, it is - Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-microbial. It also has Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Wound healing properties.







One should keep hydrated and drink lots of water during pregnancy or when bodybuilding. This keeps the skin resilient and lessens the chances of tearing elastin layers. Walk and exercise can help keep the blood circulation up and protects the skin, making it more elastic. Include food items in your diet that contain high amounts of zinc or use supplements containing zinc, which aids in stretch mark prevention by tightening and softening the skin.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1) What is the uniqueness of Franch Moisturizer Enriched Hand Wash compared to other products in the market?

Franch Moisturizer Enriched Hand Wash is the only product that contains Franch OIL NH* as an active ingredient. Franch OIL NH* is the best natural moisturizer and is also known for its natural healing and skin renewal properties.

2) Is Franch Moisturizer Enriched Hand Wash suitable for those with sensitive or allergy prone skin?

Yes, because of the gentle nature of the natural ingredients used in combination with Franch OIL NH* which is known to be antibacterial and one of the best natural moisturizer and with natural healing properties.

3) Will washing with Franch Moisturizer Enriched Hand Wash leave an oily feeling?

No, it does not leave an oily feeling after washing your hands with Franch Hand Wash. It will leave your hands clean, well moisturized and protected.

4) Is Franch Moisturizer Enriched Hand Wash suitable for children?

Yes, it is safe and gentle on children’s delicate skin.

5) When should I wash my hands?
Often! It’s important to clean your hands before, during and after you prepare food and before you eat. You should especially do so after using the bathroom, touching animals or handling their waste, and when you’re around somebody who’s sick.

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