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Franch Coconut Pearl Luster Shampoo enriched with Franch Oil, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil helps stimulate hair growth by getting deep into hair follicles to repair the damaged hair roots due to heat and harsh environment and moisturize the scalp to ensure the hair is properly hydrated and restore its volume and natural luster.









Discover the true secret to healthy, lustrous and beautiful hair with Franch Pre-Wash Herbal Hair Oil.





Natural and herbal hair care products have gained immense popularity all over the world. Natural and herbal hair care products contain essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and healing properties which are able to protect the hair adequately.



The shampoo is an exclusive blend of soothing Coconut Oil and natural moisturizers to instantly strengthen and seal hair cuticles creating silky, smooth and shiny hair that acts as a natural barrier to protect against damaged hair. With regular use, your hair will look denser and fuller. It is recommended for brittle and thinning hair and is safe for color-treated hair.




Franch OIL NH* is a multipurpose Ayurvedic traditional medicine. Being a multipurpose oil, it is - Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-microbial. It also has Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Wound healing properties.

Franch Herbal Hair Oil’s formulation is a new and revolutionary ‘pre-wash’ scalp and hair treatment. This unique hair oil is specially formulated to absorb into the scalp within 20 minutes after application. After 20 minutes you may wash-off with Franch Herbal shampoo leaving your hair non-sticky and oil-free.





Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Treating your hair and scalp before washing it is effective in reducing hair loss and enhancing hair beauty. Franch Pre-Wash Herbal Hair Oil is a revolutionary pre-wash hair and scalp treatment which nourishes and protects the scalp while repairing damaged hair.





“Due to the stress of everyday life my hair seems to be thinning and falling. Constant sweating and itching of the scalp makes my hair even looks dull & lifeless. Washing

my hair on a daily basis has become a constant burden thus making my hair dry and frizzy. After trying Franch Aloe Vera, hair oil and Herbal Shampoo, my hair’s vitality is restored. Massaging Franch Aloe Vera shampoo on the entire scalp apparently improves my blood circulation and prevents excess stress. Thanks to Franch Herbal Hair Care products, I now have problem free hair! ”

ravi 60x65px-01RAVI GANESH, 26yrs, KL, MALAYSIA.


“My hair used to be frizzy, rough and with dandruff causing my hair to fall often making me lose confidence in myself. When a hair specialist recommended that I try Franch Pre-wash Herbal Hair Oil – Almond together with Franch Shikakai Shampoo for dandruff control, I did not hesitate and tried it immediately. After trying the Franch products, my dandruff problem and itchy scalp lessened over time making my hair really soft,shiny and healthy.”

ena merican 60x65px-01ENA MERICAN, 27yrs, Lecturer at LIMKOKWING, Cyberjaya, MALAYSIA.


“My hair used to be thin and even a simple routine such as brushing caused my hair to break very easily. Hair fall was a constant worry for me. Blowing and styling often damaged my hair making it very dry and brittle. I don’t like to use ‘leave-on’ hair grooming products. This was before I found out about Franch Pre-wash Herbal Hair Oils, which is simple, easy-to-use and non-greasy! I can rinse off the hair oil after treating my hair for 20 minutes. Franch Pre-wash Herbal Hair Oil - Coconut and Aloe Vera Herbal Conditioning Shampoo is the secret to my beautiful long healthy hair.”

cherry lynn 60x65px-01CHERRY LYNN, 27yrs, Student at CURTIN, AUSTRALIA.





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1) How often should I use Franch Pre-wash Hair OIL ?

Franch Pre-wash Herbal Hair oil works best if used daily. If this is not possible, we recommend that you use it at least three times a week.

2) Can I use any other shampoo to wash off after applying Franch Pre-wash Hair Oil ?

We strongly recommend that you use Franch Herbal Shampoo in order to get the best results.

3) Why must I leave the Franch Pre-wash Herbal Hair Oil on for only 20 minutes before rinsing? Is it necessary to massage?

Franch Pre-wash Herbal Hair Oil requires only 20 minutes for maximum absorption into the scalp. Leaving it on for longer than 20 minutes does not serve any purpose. Massaging Franch Pre-wash Herbal Hair oil onto your scalp will improve blood circulation and increase absorption.

4) Can I use Franch Herbal Shampoo when I am not applying the Franch Pre-wash Herbal hair oil ?

Yes, we recommend that you use Franch Herbal Shampoo daily to wash your hair as you will benefit from the natural and herbal ingredients present in Franch Herbal Shampoo.

5) Can I use Franch Herbal Hair Oil after washing my hair?

Yes although Franch Herbal Hair Oil’s works best as a pre-wash hair and scalp treatment, you may also use it as a grooming hair oil.

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